Warehouse Romania

In Craiova, starting from October 2020, we will benefit from a new facility located near the northern ring road of the city in the area of Craiova international airport. The warehouse and all other structures represent their own investment and are part of a complete project that will be completed in the year 2022. The entire area covers 12,000 square meters. We currently have the logistics warehouse in operation with an area of about 600 square meters plus an additional covered and semi-closed area of about 400 square meters. The warehouse is equipped with 3 vehicle access doors, 2 equalization ramps for unloading at the level of the truck bed and all the structures necessary for carrying out the activity, through which we have the possibility to maintain and also increase the quality standard and professionalism of the services offered and at the same diversify the area of services we offer.

Warehouse Italia

We have a second warehouse located in northern Italy, more precisely in the province of Bergamo at 24057 Martinego and it follows warehousing tasks but also integrated logistics in all its forms.

We point out that the capacity of the Martinengo warehouse is equal to 80/100 pallets and the maneuvering and / or parking space of 400 square meters, parameters destined to grow following the move to the new site.

The current location represents an efficient and dynamic solution from the point of view of positioning as it is located in an industrial context with good roads and connections to the important A35 and A4 road networks nearby.

The skills have led us to forge numerous commercial relationships and subsequently new requests continue to arrive from current customers as well as from new customers which are production companies, internationally renowned logistics companies, distribution companies.

Our partners are logistics companies, transporters, importers-exporters, companies operating in the trade sector, manufacturing companies, industries and distributors of products in the category: food, beverages, clothing – footwear, household goods, automotive components, medicinal products and paramedics, companies operating in the iron and aluminum sector, pipes and components for the industry.