The company was founded in 1995 from Ilie and Mihai Popescu brothers’ initiative, two twin brothers, united and determined in the desire to develop a road freight company.

The activity of the company begins with only a few means of transport, small and medium, and here as the goods/the wares after the good, and the (freight) race after the race, the company comes integrated with the logistic department, the two brothers being joined by a whole team of employees. Determination, courage and, above all, seriousness have carried this company abroad as a reliable partner for customers and for the development of their business.

Pop Depozit Logistica ranks today among the most important companies in southwestern Romania.

A society with fully private capital, the whole Popescu family joins in the process. For us, human relationships are important, the passion for transport and the collaboration between people are the basis of (the)success in the entire chain of our activity.