Clothing, components, electronics and technology will always find space in our two logistic hubs, one located in Craiova (Romania) and the other in Bergamo (Italy).

Wide range of value-added services including labelling, merging, packaging, repackaging, temperature control and documentation.

Logistic Hubs

We currently have 2000 square meters per total to satisfy the customer’s specific storage needs, from large volumes to the single small package.

Depending on the category, we offer customization, security and traceability.

Supply chain

Wide range of value-added services including labelling, merging, packaging, repackaging, temperature control and documentation.

Consolidation of shipments at source and transport management services at our destination you will find quality throughout the supply chain: from inbound to delivery .

Supply Chain

Order reception – Authorization request – Collection planning – Collection – Goods receipt – Storage – Customer order – Packaging (Packaging) – Shipping planning – Loading – Control – Transport – Delivery.

Receipt of the order: the goods management process begins with the receipt of the order by the office. It is accepted for normal goods and we move on to the next step which is planning and collection.

Authorization request: where the goods taken over are part of the exceptional transport category and depending on the route to be followed, our traffic office in close communication with the administration proceeds to request any authorizations in the appropriate locations located in the countries involved in transit.

Planning and collection Follows the planning of the collection and collection and, if the customer requests it, the taking charge of the goods at our warehouses. Planning is the point of fundamental importance for the entire transport, so much so that the mile journey is the best thought out!

Receipt of goods in storage and storage at one of our logistics points (Italy or Romania) and placement of the goods inside the warehouse. Depending on the storage method required if long, medium term or in daily transit with short parking (goods destined for groupage) the goods, always on the customer’s order, are labeled and stored in the area for goods in long-term storage or positioned in the special areas of the warehouses for fast transit areas that have been designed by us and set up to facilitate the maneuvers of unloading and reloading in the day.

Packaging: where expressly requested by the customer, the goods must be divided and repacked (packaging), re-labeled and always on a specific order we carry out transport and delivery. The Packaging process that the customer has us carry out on his behalf denotes the utmost confidence in our professionalism.

Shipping planning carried out by the traffic office team dictates the logic of the transport and must be carried out with care based on whether the transport in question is a full track, groupage, partial load or oversized transport.

The warehouse team prepares the goods for loading: they receive the order and follow the directions of the traffic office, always in direct collaboration to focus together on any changes subject to completely unforeseen circumstances. When the goods are picked up at the customer’s premises, it is a firm practice of our company that the driver checks and confirms not only the documentation but also all the goods and makes sure that the journey will be done safely. Control is a repetitive task throughout our supply chain and in every single phase.

Once the planning and checks have been done well, the Transport itself takes place in an exemplary manner. Our goal on the journey is to shorten times and distances as much as possible to better meet the needs of the market. Customers with dedicated and tailor-made transport needs for their business are our most satisfied.

Delivery: Punctuality is an obligation and d is our company motive: punctual as always.

Supply Chain